PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To decrease the number of parts, to improve assembly workability, to shorten production time and to enhance the dimensional accuracy of the single parts of light shielding buffer members by an arranging an integrally molded frame-shaped light shielding buffer member between a liquid crystal display panel and a back light. SOLUTION: The frame-shaped light shielding buffer member IBF is formed integrally in the step along its frame, i.e., the frame shape having its groove G by molding of plastic in such a manner that the shape fits to the step parts at the ends of lower and upper transparent glass substrates SUB1, SUB2 constituting the liquid crystal display panel PNL. The frame-shaped liquid shielding buffer member IBF made of the plastic is arranged on the overhanging part between the prism sheet PRS of the back light BL and a diffusion sheet SPS and the side wall of the lower case MCA so as to pressurize and hold the upper transparent glass substrate SUB2 o the liquid crystal display panel PNL.
(57)【要約】 【課題】液晶表示パネルとバックライトとの間に遮光緩 衝部材を配置した液晶表示装置において、部品点数が少 なく、組立作業性が良く、製造時間が短縮でき、遮光緩 衝部材の部品単体における寸法精度が高く、かつ、位置 ずれが生じにくく、組立精度の高い液晶表示装置を提供 する。 【解決手段】液晶表示パネルPNLの周縁部と、バック ライトBLを収納する下側ケースMCAの周縁部との間 に、前記液晶表示パネルPNLが嵌合する溝を有し、プ ラスチックによる一体成型品である枠状遮光緩衝部材I BFを配置した。




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