Method and equipment for measuring distance between two stations connected through communication channel



(57)【要約】 【課題】 通信チャネルを介して接続された2つのステ ーション間の距離測定装置および方法を提供する。 【解決手段】 2つのステーション間の距離測定方法に おいて、距離を求める衛星(A,1、B,1)が領域要 求(3)を内部衛星通信チャネルを介して他の衛星 (A,1またはB,1)に送信し、その衛星は応答 (4)により領域要求(3)に答える。このとき、対応 する周期時間の測定から距離が求められる。また、領域 要求(3)および対応する応答(4)は多重通信チャネ ルにおいて送信される。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To realize a highly accurate measurement of distance by combining a synchronization bit method with a subchannel transmission involving request of region and transmission of response. SOLUTION: A response to a distance measurement request is returned back to a request side station through a subchannel. An encoded response from an opposite station is detected by a subchannel processing unit at the request side station and a signal is delivered on a signal line 23 to a counter 22 at the request side station. Consequently, counting of effective channel bit is interrupted. The count can be utilized for determining the distance on a bus 21 for a system controller (control computer). The system controller multiplies the count by the individual bit length in an effective data channel and the processing time is subtracted from a delay time thus obtained at both stations. Residual time difference between request and response is halved because the path between stations is doubled and the velocity of light is multiplied.




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