Identification cap for lp gas cylinder



(57)【要約】 【目的】 この発明は、LPガス容器のバルブ保護キャ ップの先端部に、磁石付きのキャップをかぶせて充填容 器であるか、空容器であるかを識別するものである。 【構成】 識別キャップの内側を、バルブ保護キャッ プの先端部がかぶさるように成型し、この識別キャ ップの内部に磁石を埋め込み、LPガス容器にかぶ せる。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To discriminate a charged cylinder to be delivered at a glance by forming the inside of an identification cap of hemispherical shape in such a way as to be put on the hexagonal tip part of a valve protective cap, embedding a magnet inside the identification cap so as to be unexposed, and putting the identification cap on the valve protective cap of an LP gas cylinder. SOLUTION: At the time of loading a spent empty cylinder, pulled up by replacing it with a charged cylinder, on a delivery truck during delivery of LP gas cylinders, an identification cap 1 is put on a valve protective cap 3. A magnet 2 is embedded in the identification cap 1 so as to prevent the identification cap from coming off the LP gas cylinder and scattering due to vibration during driving of the delivery truck. The valve protective cap 3, made of iron, of the LP gas cylinder and the magnet 2 come in direct contact with each other so as to prevent the generation of sparks. Whether the LP gas cylinder loaded on the delivery truck is a charged cylinder or an empty cylinder can thereby be discriminated.




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