Producing device for ice cream and the like



(57)【要約】 (修正有) 【課題】 冷菓をフリーザ胴から連続して取り出したと き、冷菓が十分に冷却されないままで取り出されるのを 防止することのできる冷凍機を備えた冷菓製造装置の提 供。 【解決手段】 フリーザ胴1冷却運転用のタイマー回路 46がタイムアップしたとき、取出スイッチ13が作動した とき、原料タンク8の温度を検出する温度センサ39の検 出温度が設定温度に上昇したときのいずれかで冷凍機を 冷却運転する冷凍機運転手段43と、タイマー回路がタイ ムアップしたとき又は取出スイッチが作動したとき第1 電動膨張弁20を閉じてフリーザ胴を優先冷却する優先冷 却手段47を設けた冷菓製造装置。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain the subject device capable of preventing ice cream from being taken out before being cooled sufficiently by providing it with a means preferentially cooling a freezer barrel at the time of taking out ice cream. SOLUTION: This device is provided with a raw material tank, the freezer barrel, a mixer, its driving electric motor, a taking out switch 13 operating at the time of taking out ice cream from the freezer barrel, and a freezer where a coolant discharged from a compressor 15 is branched to allow one of them to flow through a first cooler cooling a first electric expansion valve 29 and the raw material tank and the other to flow through a second cooler cooling a second electric expansion valve 22 and the freezer barrel to circulate to the compressor 15. At this time, the freezer is operated by a freezer operating means 43 at one of the time of the time-up of a timer circuit 46 for cooling- operating the freezer barrel, the time when the switch 13 operates and the time when the temp. of the temp. sensor 39 of the raw material tank rises to a set temp., and at the same time the freezer barrel is preferentially cooled by closing the valve 22 by a preferentially cooling means 47 when the timer circuit 46 is time up or when the switch 13 operates. COPYRIGHT: (C)1998,JPO




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