Method and apparatus for inspection of hollow body



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To reliably eliminate a delayed-fractured product as a defective product from a line by judging that a product is acceptable only when an internal pressure reaches a set pressure in a predetermined time and a differential value of the internal pressure when it drops does not exceed a set value. SOLUTION: If a hollow body W is delayed-fractured after an internal pressure reaches a set value, an inverse differential value of the internal pressure becomes extremely large. A second comparison means 9 issues an NG signal when an output from an inverse differentiation circuit 8 exceeds a set value. The NG signal is input via a self holding circuit 10 to a process controller 6 as a means for judging whether a product is acceptable. If the internal pressure of the hollow body W reaches a set pressure, only when an OK signal is input from a first comparison means 5 monitoring a rise in pressure and no NG signal is output from the self holding circuit 10, the product is judged to be acceptable. Therefore even if the OK signal is input from the first comparison means 5, if an NG signal is output from the second comparison means 9, the hollow body W is judged to be delayed-fractured, so that it is eliminated from a line as a defective product. COPYRIGHT: (C)1998,JPO
(57)【要約】 【課題】 内圧が設定圧力に達した後に中空体が遅れ破 壊された場合にも、ライン上から排除することができる ようにした中空体の水圧検査方法および装置を提供す る。 【解決手段】 中空体Wの内部に所定時間水圧を加え、 内圧が所定時間内に設定圧力に達し、かつ内圧が降下す るときの内圧の微分値が設定値を越えない場合にのみ合 格と判定する。これにより、遅れ破壊された不良品をラ イン上から確実に排除することができる。




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