Tunnel forming wall



(57)【要約】 【課題】 走行体が高速でトンネル形成壁へ進入する と、走行体表面上の圧力分布が急激に変動することによ り、この走行体に衝撃が与えられる。 【解決手段】 山32の下部をくり抜いて形成された内 部形成壁部31の開口部30aに、進入端2aの開口部 半径Rbが内部形成壁部31の開口部半径Raよりもや や大きく、そして開口部半径Rbが、進入端2aから内 部に向かうにつれてたとえば2次関数、3次関数などの 多項式関数的に徐々に小さくなるような端部形成壁部2 を設ける。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To relieve impacts to be applied in the case of vehicles coming into a tunnel-forming walls by reducing gradually radius of the opening of an end forming wall from the entering end toward the inner part. SOLUTION: Tunnel forming walls 1 are constituted of an interior forming wall 2 made by excavating the lower part of a mountain 10 and end part forming walls 3 projecting from the lower part of the mountain 10 executed integrally from its end part to the outward part. The rudius at opening Rb in the entering end 3a of the end part forming walls 3 is made larger than radius of the opening Ra of the interior forming wall 2. Then, the radius Rb of the end forming walls 3 is made smaller step by step from the entering end 3a toward the interior part, and it is allowed to end in the same size as the radius Ra of the interior forming wall 2 in its terminal end 3b. As such, when vehicles come into the tunnel, a distribution of pressure on the surface of vehicles varies little by little, so that impacts exerting vehicles are made mild. COPYRIGHT: (C)1998,JPO




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