Avqc data saving processor



(57)【要約】 【課題】 従来のAVQCデータグラフ表示装置は、デ ータを蓄積することができず、過去のデータを解析する ことができなかった。 【解決手段】 AVQC演算盤1の複数種類のデータを パソコンで受信し、この受信されたデータをパソコンの 記憶装置に格納して、記憶装置に格納されたデータをパ ソコンのモニタにグラフ表示するものである。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To simultaneously graph-display plural kinds of data by making an AVQC graph-display plural kinds of the received data by a software. SOLUTION: Various kinds of information inputted from the arithmetic panel 1 of a voltage reactive power controller (AVQC) are received by this AVQC data saving processor 4. The information is the 14 items of time information for each numbered machine, a power system primary voltage present value for every control, a primary voltage predicted value, a primary voltage integrated value, a primary voltage reference value, a secondary voltage present value, a secondary voltage predicted value, a secondary voltage integrated value, a secondary voltage reference value, an active power present value, a command value, a freerunning counter, a model error flag for each control and a change rate flag. The information is received in a prescribed cycle, processed by the software incorporated in a personal computer(PC) and graph displayed on the monitor of the processor 4. Thus, the information is easily made into a graph and the general operation of the AVQC is confirmed at a glance.




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