X-ray detector for x-ray ct system


(57)【要約】 【課題】シンチレータ3と多チャンネル光電変換素子2 とを組み合わせてなるX線検出素子アレイ本体と、この X線検出素子アレイ本体のX線入射面側に配置されたチ ャンネル方向コリメータ板アレイ10とを備えてなるX 線CT装置用X線検出器において、斜め方向からの散乱 X線を除去でき、なおかつ各チャンネルの特性ばらつき が少ない高精度計測が可能で、しかもそれらを安価に実 現可能とする。 【解決手段】シンチレータ3の近傍に配置した位置決め 部材8をシンチレータ3のチャンネル間分離加工時に同 時に溝切りし、これによる溝8aにチャンネル方向コリ メータ板アレイ10のコリメータ板5の一部分を嵌合さ せて位置決めを行い、チャンネル方向コリメータ板アレ イ10と検出素子アレイ本体11とを固定する。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To secure a collimator plate and a scintillator while positioning accurately by arranging a positioning member in the vicinity of a scintillator, making a groove in the positioning member at the time of separation machining and then fitting a part of the collimator plate in the groove. SOLUTION: After a light reflection layer 9 is formed on the surface of a scintillator 3, a groove is made in the scintillator 3 and each channel is separated. A groove is also made simultaneously in a positioning member 8 arranged in the vicinity of the scintillator 3 and a barrier wall plate 4 is inserted in the groove of the scintillator 3 and secured in place. A collimator plate 5 is then inserted into the groove of a collimator plate holding member and secured in place. Subsequently, an integrated collimator plate array 10 is positioned by fitting a part of the collimator plate 5 in the groove 8a of the member 8 and the holding member is bonded onto a wiring board 1. According to the method, the scintillator 3 and the collimator plate 5 can be positioned accurately.




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