Passbook slip printer



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To deal with a passbook or a bond using an identical data by providing a control means for determining the type of a medium being taken in, validating an unprintable region being set according to the seam of a passbook when the medium is a passbook and invalidating the unprintable region when the medium is a slip. SOLUTION: When a medium is inserted into an insertion port 1a on the passbook carrying path 1 side and a medium insertion detecting sensor 4a is turned on, a carrying roller 5 group is turned through a pulse motor and the medium is taken in. Pulse motor drive pulses are counted started from a moment of time when the rear end of the medium passes through the sensor 4a. When the forward end of the medium reaches a carrying roller 5a, thickness of the medium of detected by a thickness sensor 8. Length of the medium is detected from the count of the pulse and a decision is made whether the medium is a passbook or a slip. Unprintable region being set according to the seam of the passbook is validated in case of a passbook but invalidated in case of a slip thus performing print control. COPYRIGHT: (C)1998,JPO
(57)【要約】 【課題】 通帳伝票プリンタにおいて、通帳と同じサイ ズで磁気ストライプ付きの伝票や証書を取り扱い可能と する。 【解決手段】 媒体の厚みを測定するために媒体厚み検 出センサ8を設け、制御部21は、媒体の厚みから取り 込んだ媒体が通帳であるか伝票であるかを判断し、通帳 である場合は、定義データの中のセンタホールド指定を 有効とし、通帳以外である場合は、前記センタホールド 指定を無効とする。




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