Vehicular different diameter wheel judging device



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To prevent the mis-judge of a different diameter wheel by detecting the continuing time in which the difference of both wheel speed is more than a prescribed value by a first detection means, the continuing time in which the difference is below a prescribed value by a second detection means and carrying out the different diameter wheel judgement or the different diameter wheel judgement release when the first/ second detection means reach respective judgement standard time. SOLUTION: A different shape type mounting judgement is concluded and a signal for showing the mounting of the different iameter wheel is outputted, when the wheel speed difference of respective wheels calculated by wheel speed sensors 13... is more than a prescribed value and the count value of a different shape tyre mounting judgement counter 5 is more than a first prescribed value. When the wheel speed difference is below a prescribed value and the count value of a four wheel normal judgement counter 6 is more than a second prescribed value, a signal for showing a normal four wheel is outputted by no existence of the different diameter wheel. In this case, the first/second prescribed values are corresponded to a first/second judgement standard time respectively and it is set to the first prescribed value >= the second prescribed value. As this result, the main cause of misjudgement generated unexpectedly and settled at a short time is eliminated.
(57)【要約】 【課題】 異径輪の誤判定を可及的に防止し信頼性の高 い異径輪判定を行う。 【解決手段】 異径輪判定の基準となる第1判定基準時 間よりも異径輪判定解除の基準となる第2判定基準時間 を短く設定する。かかる構成とすることで、異径輪判定 と異径輪判定解除の間においては、判定基準時間が短い 分だけ異径輪判定解除(即ち、四輪が正常であるとの判 定)が異径輪判定よりも早い段階でなされ易く、それだ け異径輪判定の機会が少なくなる。また、例え異径輪の 誤判定の原因となる現象が生じたとしても、異径輪判定 はその判定基準時間が長い分だけこれが実際に異径輪と して誤判定される以前に該現象が消滅して誤判定が回避 されることになる。これらの相乗効果として、異径輪の 誤判定が可及的に防止される。




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