Power supply apparatus for gondola



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To reduce the weight of the power supply apparatus for a gondola by eliminating a large-scale accessory facility, supplying power only in a specific power supply section, removing the deposits to be the obstacles for power supply and miniaturizing a battery. SOLUTION: The rope way R of a gondola 7 is provided in a loop, station buildings 2 are disposed at both ends, and a power supply section 2' for supplying power when the gondola 7 enters from the advancing direction 1 is provided near the building 2, and the removing section 3 of the deposit to be the obstacles adhered to a power supply unit 6 is provided. When the gondola 7 approaches the zone 2', first a mechanical mechanism 20 guides the supply side and the power reception side of the power supply unit to bring it into contact with that to supply power only in the section 2', and further the deposit is removed by a heater and a fluid jet unit provided at the supply side power supply apparatus in the section 2, and the supply power is supplied to the battery in the gondola 7. Accordingly, the battery is miniaturized, and the weight is reduced, so that the labor hours for charging are saved.
(57)【要約】 【課題】 ゴンドラの給電装置に関し、大掛かりな付帯 設備をなくして特定の給電区間のみで給電し、給電の妨 げとなる付着物を除去すると共にバッテリを小型にし、 重量を軽減する。 【解決手段】 ゴンドラ7の索道Rがループ状に設けら れ、両端側に駅舎2が配置され、駅舎2の近辺にはゴン ドラ7が進行方向1より進入してくると給電する給電区 間2’、給電装置6に付着する妨げとなる付着物の除去 区間3を設ける。ゴンドラ7が給電区間2’に近づく と、まずメカニカル機構20が給電装置の供給側5と受 電側6をガイドして接触させ、区間2’においてのみ給 電を行い、更に、除去区間3において供給側給電装置5 に設けたヒータ及び流体噴出装置(図示省略)で付着物 を除去し、供給電力はゴンドラ7内のバッテリに供給さ れる。従って、バッテリが小型となり、重量減となり、 充電の手間もはぶける。




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