Panorama television camera and video monitor



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain the television camera in which a panorama image is obtained by containing plural television cameras and a board for processing a video signal onto a box and arranging them around a mount frame within a horizontal plane at a required interval. SOLUTION: Each television camera 1 is fixed to a mount frame 2 and arranged at a prescribed interval so that a tip of an optical system 11 is projected at the surrounding. The 6-sets of the television cameras 1 have the same focus and image forming points are in matching and arranged to the mount frame 2 via a vertical plane inner angle adjustment mechanism 7 radially on the same plane. In order to cover 360 degrees by the 6-sets of the cameras, a field angle of each camera 1 is selected to be 65 degrees or over and the coverage borders are somewhat overlapped with each other. A video signal processing boards 3 correspond to each camera 1 and are stood on a box 4 above the frame 2 and contained in parallel.
(57)【要約】 【課題】比較的簡単な構成により広い視野で映像をピッ クアップしパノラマテレビ画像を得ることができるテレ ビカメラ装置を提供する。 【解決手段】複数のテレビカメラ部体1を、各テレビカ メラ部体1から出力される映像信号を処理する複数の映 像信号処理基板3を収容したボックス4を有する取付け フレーム2の周囲に、水平面内で所要間隔をおいて取り 付けた。




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