Composition for resin bonded magnet and resin bonded magnet



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a composition for a magnet having excellent moldability (fusion-fluidity) and mechanical strength by removing the detect of composition for the conventional polyamide resin bonded type magnet. SOLUTION: A composition for resin bonded magnets contains a magnetic powder, having an anisotropic magnetic field (HA) of 50kOe or higher, and polyamide resin, and is composed of a mixture of a denaturated polyamide resin, which is formed by denaturing the terminal group of the polyamide resin by monocarboxyl group hydrocarbon, and a special polyamide resin obtained by the condensation reaction of dicarboxylic acid and diamine. Besides, a resin bonded magnet is obtained by heating and forming the above-mentioned composition.
(57)【要約】 【課題】 従来のポリアミド樹脂結合型磁石用組成物の 欠点を解消し、成形性(溶融流動性)及び機械的強度の 優れた磁石用組成物を提供する。 【解決手段】 異方性磁場(H A )が50kOe以上の 磁性粉末とポリアミド樹脂との組成物であって、該ポリ アミド樹脂が、モノカルボキシル基炭化水素で末端基が 変性された変性ポリアミド樹脂及び、特定の構造のジカ ルボン酸とジアミンとの縮合反応により得られる特殊ポ リアミド樹脂の混合物よりなる樹脂結合型磁石用組成 物。更に、この樹脂結合型磁石用組成物を加熱成形して 得た樹脂結合型磁石。




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