Purifying method and purifier



PURPOSE: To deliver purifying action for a long period of time and to easily purify liquid to be purified by providing a titanium oxide film on the surface contacting with the liquid to be purified of an agitating member and agitating the liquid to be purified while irradiating light to the film. CONSTITUTION: A titanium oxide film of about 0.4μm is formed on the surface in contacting with the liquid to be purified of an axis part 20 and a blade part 21 of an agitating member 19. It may be formed on the surface of the blade part 21 only. The agitating member 19 is fitted in a container made of transparent glass 11 on whose inner surface 12 a titanium oxide film of about 0.4μm is formed, and is rotated by a motor M. The container 11 is provided with a light source 23 for irradiating light to the agitating member 19 and the inside of the container 11. The light source 23 may be any suitable one, and a tubular fluorescent light can be used. Liquid to be purified L is injected into the container 11, and light is irradiated into the container 11 by the light source 23. Under these conditions, the agitating member 19 is rotated to agitate the liquid to be purified L.
(57)【要約】 【目的】 浄化用液体に対して優れた浄化作用を長期に 渡って発揮し、しかも簡単かつ経済的に浄化できる方法 を提供する。 【構成】 浄化用液体Lと接する表面に酸化チタン膜を 有する攪拌部材19に光を照射しながら、その攪拌部材 によって浄化用液体を攪拌する。




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