Preventer for entering moisture of refrigeratintg stockroom



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain a preventer for entering moisture in which the moisture of outside air entering a stockroom from the entrance of the refrigerating stockroom during opening of a door can be prevented from being frosted on an object. SOLUTION: A box shaped frosted moisture removing chamber 8 which comprises longitudinally elongated air curtain outlet 3 and air curtain inlet 4 opposed to each other along longitudinal entrance frames 2 and 2a, a refrigerant evaporator 6 and a fan 7 for circulation and air curtain is suspended in a refrigerating stockroom K. The outlet and the inlet respectively communicate with the frosted moisture removing chamber 8 through a circulating duct 11 by disposing the chamber 8 between the outlet and the inlet, so that a circulating air circuit including an air curtain horizontal air passage part 5 is formed.
(57)【要約】 【目的】 冷凍倉庫Kの出入口1から、開扉中に外気中 の湿気が庫内に流入して、物体に着霜化することを減少 させることができる流入湿気防止装置を提供する。 【構成】 冷凍倉庫Kの庫内側に於いて、出入口縦枠 2、2aに、タテ長形のエヤーカーテン吹出口3とエヤ ーカーテン吸込口4とを添わせて対設し、かつ冷媒蒸発 器6と循環兼エヤーカーテン用フアン7を内設した函体 状の湿気着霜化除去室8を吊設し、該湿気着霜化除去室 8を中間にして前記吹出口と吸込口を、循環ダクト11 で湿気着霜化除去室8にそれぞれ連通し、エヤーカーテ ン水平風流路部5を含む循環風回路を形成する。




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